The writer is a girl on the phase of first-adulthood year or whatever you described it, born since 1995, a last child of the family. Having a brother is like a princess at first, but in the end you still need to be an independent child in the house. LOL

I gradually a moslem girl in my religious family. Deep my family are, they all 100% moeslem from the grand-history, absolutely Islam. All about Islam is become my soul.

I was born in Indonesia. I proud of being born in one of the crowded islands of Indonesia. Even from every islands has unique, I definitely are proud of being a Javanese. My mother and father are natives of Java, but in my house I used to talk in Bahasa and Javanese.

I love everything about culture, history, psychology, art, and scientology. I keep loved it! It gives me a lot of inspirations. And if you want to know more about me you  can follow this blogs. This blog represents about me. jkjk Love, PEACE!

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