Just Something

“South and North”

Someone is walking through the sea sore while lift-up ahead to see the beautiful  of world. Another one who currently stays in the prison is seeing a horrible side of this world.  Unconsciously, they are who feel the otherwise feeling. Their beliefs and minds are incomparable straight from what it looks.

There are many people around us who feel happiness, sorrow, madness, but in  otherwise their situation is not similar to the feelings. Sometimes, we unconsciously realize the fact. The real situation showed from the looks of pathetic and heartbreaking.  As we can result,  how much we get of things are much as the sadness will come. It depends on the way of how we get the things. Sometimes, something that we wasted will make us sad. In other words, we somehow use something by no intention will end for a pleasing .

That something is only known by ourselves. Something that may significant for ourselves. It even made us frustrated and happy. Even if it’s not a big issue at  first, it will end differently. Occasionally, we made a precious thing but it is considered as the unimportant thing by everyone.  At that time, we can not realize it , but people do realize it first. Even though our best friends who mostly trusted and precious for us, they will not fully do the same with us. Only our family, siblings, even strangers who just understand us that we are important in their life.

The advisable way for us is we should figure out something at first and think the possible result we could get in ahead.

I, here, writing this post in a pathetic situation for myself, but I do feel happy as soon as showing my feeling by doing this. I wish this post can useful for us and you as a reader can get an inspiration for the better life.

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